Getting a website listed in Google is the first step of online marketing success. However this can take sometimes up to a month on its own. By doing the following four techniques, your first page should be logged and crawled in under a week. Provided that the on-page SEO is strong, the credibility for that one page will spread to all the others.

#1 Utilize Previous Websites Success
On sites that an individual owns that rank well, by creating a forward link in the blog or news comments or putting a reciprocal link between the two sites on the bottom or top of the webpage are both ways to channel some of those search engine bots towards the new site.

#2 Forums With Do-Follow Backlinks
Some forums have a signature section at the bottom that can contain a do-follow backlink. By changing the user settings, an individual can instantly change whatever they have written in comment section to a do-follow link. The beauty of this is one gets high quality backlinks equal to the number of times they’ve posted on that forum. A years worth of contribution to a forum yields a dynamo of SEO power that can be changed on a whim.

#3 Google Webmaster Tools
This is the easiest way to quickly make Google aware of a website. When combined with other techniques, an individual should be able to find their website by typing in the name of the URL or site within a week. You’ll find an option to crawl the site as a Google bot. By submitting the URLS, if they are active, you are given the option to submit them to be archived by the search engine. Select this option, but it might still take two weeks by itself.

However there is a secret here.. after you had verified ownership of your domain / website, go to Crawl and fetch as google, whatever URL you enter there will be included super fast. Try out now. At least at the time of writing, this is still true.

#4 The Link Wheel
Ideal for a cluster of new websites that haven’t been archived by Google yet. This technique involves linking forward to a website. That website links to another website, but eventually this train will arrive back at the first website. These forward links can be placed on a blog post, the homepage, or in the side as a faux third party advertisement or actually endorsement such as “check out my other site”. If it is an individual page, make sure the on-page SEO is thoroughly linked to the rest of the website to take the most advantage of this link wheel; but, try to add no more than three and put the link to the next website first. Add one backlink and the Google bots will be directed to the website, bleed through it a little bit before they travel to the next site.

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