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design fees
design fees
design fees
Total Pages
The number of web content pages included in this package
1 A4 Page2-5 Pages6-10 Pages
Domain (.com / .com.my)
Domain name registration
Email ( eg : you@yourcompany.com )
5GB disk space for each emails
100 users100 users100 users
SSL Secured Website (https)
For website hosted with us, we secure it with free CA signed SSL. Your website will be displayed as https instead of the non-secure http
Firewall & Hacker Protection
for website hosted with us
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
The website is designed to automatically display nicely in desktop, tablet and mobile phone
Auto ResponsiveAuto ResponsiveAuto Responsive
Design & Layout
Website design presentation & details & content layout arrangement
Google Location Map
Google location map in contact details
Enquiry Form
Standard online enquiry form
Easily Insert Videos
You can easily insert youtube vidwos in content page
Easy PDF View / Download
Easily upload pdf catalogue for customer viewing or download from website
Easy Upload photos
Easily insert single photos or upload multiple photos at once.
Drag & Drop Page Builder
Easy drag and drop page builder or content editor to enable you to update content, videos, photos, text etc..effortless by just drag and drop required elements
Fonts, Background Color.
Changing fonts, font size, background color or insert a photo as background in the content all can be done via the content editor. Hundreds of Google Fonts to select from.
Add Icons, borders, box shadow
Hundreds of icon library to select from, adding text box with borders & shadows is very easy and within your control.
Hyperlinks & Buttons
Create a reference link and clickable to another page or websites, or adding a clickable buttons are as easy as 123. No coding required.
Duplicate, Copy & Paste
You can duplicate a page layout & replace the content, duplicate a page format, or by copy & paste it into anther page for faster creation. Adding multiple column or rows in content is a breeze.
Padding, Margin, Width
No problem. control the section or column width, content padding and margin or spacing all can be done in the editor.
Admin Update Content
you have full rights to add / edit your own content / photos / text
Web & Mobile Menus
Website navigation for desktop as well as nice mobile simplified menu when browsing in mobile phone
Home Moving Banners
Large moving banners at home page
1 Static Photo2 pcs photos2-3 pcs photos
Content Page Header
Insert nice header photo on top of each content page
Editable Header / Logo / Footer
You can change logo or footer details as frequent as you like
Gallery (Product / Events)
Photo gallery showcase your products or any events
News (Blog Style)
News update arranged in nice BLOG format
Stock photos for banner
We purchase stock photos to enhance your banner or page decoration
--2 pcs
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Add links to your social medias like facebook, instagram & Twitter and display as icons
Page URL Optimization
Optimize your page url with keywords for maximum Google indexing. Example www.yourdomain.com/products/pet-food-penang-distributor/ instead of normal www.yourdomain.com/our-products/ .
Keywords Optimization
Insert keywords in page title, meta description and content to optimize for Google indexing
-Home PageHome + 1
Content Editing Guide
We have prepared simple editing guide for you
Contact Form Spam Control
We use hidden Re-captcha or "I am not robot" spam control at the form to reduce spam form submission to your email.
Google Analytics Integration
We can integrate your google analytics account onto the website so that you can monitor your website visitors behavior or statistics in your google account.
Visitor Statistic in Dashboard
You can know how many people visit your website, where they’re coming from, what browsers and search engines they use, and which of your contents, categories, tags and users get more visits.
Whatsapp / Chat / Messenger
Enable customer to chat directly with you via Apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Click-to-call, Tidio Live Chat etc.. all in one contact button. Usually appear at the bottom of website.
-QuoteOn Request
SEO Mechanism Built-In
SEO is important for Google ranking. As such we built in SEO mechanism on every page so that even you can do the SEO Title & meta description easily.
Content Copy Protection
Protect your content by preventing photo and content stealing from your website, and disable right click copy too.
-QuoteOn Request
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Next year renewal fees for above packages

RM 450 / year

Website Feature On Demand :
(will be charge separately)

  • Build a fully colored & graphic intensive landing page
  • Special design request on each content page
  • Additional products / content pages / stock photos
  • Add on multiple languages switcher & functions
  • Other special / advanced features