Eko Solution concentrates web design services in Penang, Perai, Butterworth & Bukit Mertajam. Upon high demand for User DIY features, we also newly launched 2-in-1 web & online ecommerce product selling & shopping software.

We provide only high quality web design which conforms to international html standards. We optimize your web site for search engines as well as compatibility with major browsers.

Unlike others, when we design your website, we deeply consider the followings :
Visibility :
If a web site is built to not to be found on the search engines, then why are you hiring web designer ? At Eko Solution, we always try the best to push your website for high visibility in the search engines, of course with the correct web design methods and special web optimization techniques.

Suitability :
Can web visitors who enter your home page for the first time guess correctly what you provide within 30 seconds ? Try our a few websites here :Kunkee.com , steelway.com.my , trinextech.com.my to see if you can guess exactly what they sell or manufacture. The website colors, fonts, theme (concept) and layout must be suitable with your company’s image, products and services.

Usability :
We always stand at your end users or clients or prospects point of view to design a website for your company. It is because the website is to be used and to be viewed by your visitors, not you. So, it is important that the contents and information we include are useful and applicable to them.

Trustability :
By impression, can one trust your company through your website ? Trust will convert a visitor or potential buyer into your actual customer ! Only a professionally designed website with suitable layout will produce a very corporate feel to your prospects that they will likely to contact you for more information after their first visit. That’s our responsibility, leave this headache matter to our designers.

Browsability :
Logically classifying your products and information is important to let the web visitors easily browse through your website. This is normally done by having a proper menu structure. User-friendliness is one of the key to create trust in your visitors.

Compatibility :
We don’t design a website for a single web browser only, but most web designers did. Do you ever notice a website looks very stunning in Internet Explorer, but looks awful and tilted when viewing in Mozilla Firefox or Netscape ? This is due to improper web design practice. We always check our website for cross-browsers compatibility before publishing.

Accessibility :
Do not assume that all users’ computers are up to date, that’s what our main principle is. Ever seen a trusted company’s website that do not play anything on your PC ? or it will ask you to download some software before viewing or specified that “this website is best viewed with …..” ? Why should it be like that ? Why should we force our potential client to download an unknown software before viewing ? Remember this, your potential client is not your customer yet. You will scare away tons of your potential clients just because they worry that the software to be downloaded may harm their PC.

Availability :
It is to very important to ensure that your website is always available when people clicks it from the search engines. That’s why we always stick to the reliable hosting provider to host your website. Cheap server is not the option. We do not take your business for granted.

Now you know that web design of Eko Solution’s quality is not about how stunning your website will be, but it is about how much values your website contains. You do not want people to congratulate on your excellent web design rather than praising on your product quality, do you ?

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