• Customized Web Design
    All our web designs are customized to suite your product or company image so that you will have your own identity blended into your website. We are not in the category of template-based cheap web designers.
  • Professional Web Designer
    As a professional Penang web design company, we do not produce just a piece of beautiful customized artwork, but constructed with world standard HTML coding, categorized and easily understandable web content and user friendly web navigation. Graphic is just a small part (less than 25%) of the total web design process.
  • Affordable Web Design
    It doesn't mean cheap in both design and pricing. Being a small web design company, our overhead is low. Hence you can be sure that you are paying for the web design fee, not the overhead cost of the web design company (Big web design company will have to consider the overhead cost and thus billing you higher price). Meanwhile a freelancer or part timer will have offered you a very cheap pricing but for a piece of template-based graphic (not a web site).
  • Our web pages are viewable with all major web browsers
    Do you realize that most websites will display "best view with IE" or something like that. In reality, not everyone is viewing with Internet Explorer and install the latest version of browser. So why forcing your visitors to view with something they don't have ? It defeats your purpose to welcome or invite them to view with pleasure, isn't it ?

    As a professional Penang web design company, we ensure you that your website can be viewed with all major web browsers like Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla or Firefox and Netscape. We check web browser's version compatibility (eg: different versions of IE) and also cross browsers compatibility (eg: IE and Firefox) before handing it over to you. That's why we never display any browser visibility notice on our client's website.
  • Web Site viewable with older version of Flash
    Ever come across a very impressive Flash animated website when viewed in your friend's PC but display nothing when opened in your own computer ? This is because unprofessional web designers are trying to show off their graphical talent by using the latest high end effects which requires the installation of latest flash plugin in your web browser.

    As a professional Penang web design company, we have to take many more factors into consideration without forgetting the graphical presentation and attractiveness of your final web site. We use very minimal flash effects which can be played even in older Flash version 6 or 5 (just in case any of your client is still outdated). Do not assume, just play safe.
  • User Friendly Web Site Navigation
    Most websites designed by "graphic designer" (who pretends to be web designers) have a very impressive graphical presentation, nice buttons, but couldn't find even the "Home" link or "Contact Us" page after surfing for a few minutes. No joke. If a visitor could not find your contact information, what do you think it will end up with ? Click the red "close" button. Simple.

    As a professional Penang web design company, we properly plan for your web navigation especially if you have loads of information to publish on the website. We will make sure the navigation is user friendly, standardized and easy to look for information (home, contact, product page etc..).
  • Fast Loading Web Pages
    When you play a lot with heavy graphics and flash animation (excessive effects), the website tends to load very slow. When this happen, most first time visitors think that the web page is not functioning and just hit the "close" or "back" buttons.

    As a professional Penang web design company, we know realize this factor and therefore optimize the HTML coding, graphics and flash animation to make your first page load faster. Don't forget, your client may come from overseas too ! The farther the distance from the web server, the slower the web page loading will be. Be safe, let the first page be fast loading.
  • Proper Web Site Screen Width
    Different computers have different screen with resolution and width. Although most new monitors today have screen resolution width of more than 1024 pixels, but some are still viewing with screen with of 1024 pixels or lower. If a website width is more than 1024 pixels while viewing on a monitor width of 1024 pixels, the user has to scroll the mouse left and right in order to read your content. Trouble ?

    Again as a professional Penang web design company, we do take screen width into consideration. There are several ways to deal with, all depends on your web content.
  • Free submission to Google, Yahoo, MSN
    All our clients' websites will be hand submitted to these world top search engines and directory for free upon web design completion.
  • Free Listing on Our Web Site
    All our clients' websites will be listed on our client directories for free as an additional promotion and exposure to the web community and search engines. It will help pushing your web ranking higher on the search engine results.
  • Search Engines Friendly Web Design
    In layman terms, it simply means search engines (Google and Yahoo) will love to "read" your web site. Search engines only understand text and html codes, not beautiful graphic or flash animation. We make sure that all our web designs follow the rules set out by Google Guideline and Yahoo Guideline. If your web site is not made to be search engines friendly, how do search engines rank your site in the first place ? Next time, ask the part timer or the freelancer if they are aware of the 2 important guidelines. If yes, we doubt it. Search for the terms "Penang web design", "Penang web designer", "Penang web design company" or just type "Penang web" or other Penang web design related terms to see if their own website shows up. If not, ask them why ? Do you see our company's web site ?
  • Web Safe and eyes friendly colors
    If the web page colors are too strong and catchy (will cause eyes constrain), how do visitors stay on to read your web content ? We always make sure that the colors we choose are eyes friendly, soft and are visible on all web browsers.
  • Browser compatible fonts & size
    Different computer's browsers display different default fonts and sizes. As a professional Penang web designer, we always play on the safe path. We preset the default cross browsers compatible font and size so that no matter on which computer, the font and its display size on the web site are the same as original.
  • We design for your prospect & client
    When we design your web site, we are actually design for your targeted audience (your prospect or client), not for you ! Isn't it your objective of designing a web site is to let your visitors read it, understand it and finally close the business with you ? If your visitors do not understand your content, or couldn't find what they are looking for, or worst do not feel trusting your web site content (due to unsuitable color scheme used, visibility or incompatibility matters), they will just close the browser tab. Period.
  • Free from spelling mistake & broken links
    Visitors will try to find even small mistakes here and there on your web site in order to trust your web content and business presentation. Spelling errors or broken links will make them feel unsafe dealing with you. You will loose many prospects. Simple, if you are unable to take care of small things, how can you handle big think ? Let us take care of this.
  • First Impression does matter in our web design
    First impression does matter your prospects. Don't you think that a fast loading, professional look and error free first page will make your prospects feel safer than a fancy, heavy and slow loading flash animated first page which required the latest Flash version to be installed before viewing ? Let us suggest the most suitable web design for you because we know what we are doing.
  • Properly categorized web site content
    Don't ever budget it too much by having everything dump into the same page. We don't do that. We gather your information, rearrange it and discuss with you if the categories proposed work fine for your visitors. It is the visitors that will read your web content, so we treat it with care in our web design process. Make prospect feel safe and trust your business : We do not use fancy colors with too high contrast, irregular font sizes and colors, the latest flash techniques and incompatible html codes so as to gain the trust of your future client to stay on and read your business proposal.
  • Web design with graphic optimization
    We do not dump a heavy weight graphic into your business web site, the part timers do. We optimized it for brightness and lighter weight without loosing much of it's originality. All we want is to create a fast loading web pages.
  • Web design consistency
    Professional web design is all about overall consistency, easy navigation, structured content, human and search engines understandable and of course good looking (not fancy). As a professional Penang web design company, that's what we do.
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