1) Goods Return Policy

  • All goods (websites) sold from our company are STRICTLY NON RETURNABLE.
  • However should there be any errors or falty scripts caused by us, we will be happy to rectify it at no cost within 3 months of purchase.
  • Should the errors or malfunctions are cause by external factors (eg: your own hosting server), then the repair cost will be born by you.
  • If the product or service purchased come with Warranty attached, then Warranty terms shall apply.
  • Please email your problems to support@eko.com.my .

2) Refund Policy

  • All deposit payments or full payments made (by cash, cheque and credit card) for the purchase of goods and services from our company are STRICTLY NON REFUNDABLE and NON EXCHANGEABLE for other services or goods.
  • Should there be any errors or falty scripts, please refer to above “Goods Return Policy” for further actions.
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