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Accept Credit Card Payment Online

Below are list of companies which provide the facility to accept credit card online on your behalf .

Providers PayPal iPay88<
Based in USA Malaysia
Setup Fee Free RM 488
Maintenance Fee Nil Nil (SOHO)
Per Transaction Fee 2.4 to 3.4% + RM2 4%
Settlement into your bank 3 working days weekly
Supported Currencies RM / USD RM
Receive money in your bank yes yes
Reliability high high
Signup Approval instantly 1 week
Accept Mastercard / Visa yes yes
Accept payment via online bank transfer N0

For normal and new start up ecommerce business, we highly recommend using PAYPAL to accept online credit card payment because it’s free, instant signup and approval. More important – you as Malaysian can now receive money from Paypal to any of your local bank accounts. You do not have to open US bank account or Singapore bank account or using expensive US debit card to withdraw money any more ! You can transfer the money received in Paypal to your local account at any time and receive within 3 working days. Is that what you are looking for ?

We only show you the details on how you can withdraw from Paypal to Malaysia Bank account once you place your ecommerce shopping cart order with us.

Click Here to view our Online Payment Page which accepts Credit Card & Paypal.

Click here to see step-by-step on how to add your debit card into Paypal in order to receive money.

Integration Fee of RM300 applied. Online Credit card payment service provider may changed their prices at any time. All conditions shown above are correct on 16-04-2011.

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